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Recognized at one of the top attorneys in New York and across the country, Seth Michael Goldstein provides great legal advice and an attorney willing to fight for your rights. With over 20 years of legal experience, Mr. Goldstein brings plenty of knowledge to the table and knows how to put together the right legal strategy for your case. Whether you were involved in an auto accident or a victim of ID theft, Mr. Goldstein will help you with all your legal needs.
With plenty of knowledge of the law, Seth Michael Goldstein is the right choice for your Queens attorney. When you need someone to fight for you or you just need sound legal advice, SethMichaelGoldstein Attorney at Law is the right choice. As a NYC attorney, Mr. Goldstein knows how to get a favorable result for you.
Types of Cases Mr. Goldstein Handles
Several types of cases fall under the specialties of Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney at Law. As a personal injury attorney in New York City, he handles all types of accident cases including:
·         Hospital Neglect
·         Birth Injury
·         Failure to Diagnose
·         Construction Site Accidents
·         Dangerous Medial Devices and Drugs
·         Premise Liability
·         And More!
In addition to being a personal injury attorney, Seth Michael Goldstein is also a real estate attorney. He will help you in cases involving mortgage fraud or any other type of real estate dispute. Even if you just need someone to create or look over the contracts for purchasing or selling a property, Mr. Goldstein is ready to help. 
Seth Michael Goldstein also handles cases in many other areas from bankruptcy to restraining order violations. If you're facing a legal issue, call Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney at Law and find out how Mr. Goldstein can help you.
An Experience Queens Attorney
Mr. Goldstein has over 20 years of experience working with clients in Queens and all over New York City. His expertise provides the ability to defend your rights in a number of cases. Whether you need legal advice about credit card debt and bankruptcy or you need an attorney to help you with an aggravated assault case, Seth Michael Goldstein is the right choice.
Gaining a reputation as one of the best attorneys in NYC, Mr. Goldstein has made it his duty to defend his clients well. He only uses the best legal strategies and employs the most advanced techniques to ensure a fair outcome with every case. Whether you've suffered injuries due to neglect or you're going up against a huge insurance company, Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney at Law is here to help.
As a reputable New York attorney, Mr. Goldstein knows the system and has worked in the system for more than two decades. He started in the local NYC courts and has become one of the leading defense attorneys in the entire country. The implementation of high quality legal strategies has helped Mr. Goldstein earn such a reputation and his hard work has paid off. He can be heard on many radio channels and seen on TV as he provides his opinions on high profile cases throughout the country.

Whether you've been the victim of ID theft or you've been injured in an accident, call Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney at Law today.

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